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The source of a toothache can be attributed to several different causes. And when it comes to your health, you don’t want to play any guessing games—that’s a surefire way of setting yourself up for complications further down the line. Why put yourself through all of that? Exactly. Now all you have to do is head over to Healthy Smiles’ location. And get that toothache taken care, courtesy of our 07083 dentist.

Saying you’re glad you visited would be a massive understatement. Because the last thing you’ll ever want to do is try to tough out a toothache—ever, again. Not only is waiting it out a bad idea—you’re only giving it more time to get worse. Especially if the cause of the pain is something quite serious. Like what? Well, if you’re dealing with an infected root—for instance—that’s probably something you’ll want taken care of as soon as possible. In case you’re wondering, an infected root usually derives from a cracked tooth that leaves the root exposed enough for bacteria to rush right in and wreak havoc. Left untreated, this infection can spread into the rest of your system, becoming a fatal and painful threat. Abscesses (an infection between tooth and gum) function in a similar manner. So don’t jeopardize your smile or life. Take control of the situation by swinging over to Healthy Smiles. Pay our location a visit soon and meet with our 07083 dentist.

The second you walk out of Healthy Smiles’ office, you’ll be feeling like a million bucks. So don’t dawdle in uncertainty any longer. Pick up the phone (or e-mail us) and dial our location. Our staff will help you promptly schedule an appointment, so you can be well on your way to a rejuvenated, pain-free smile—courtesy of our 07083 dentist.

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