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Every step you take to stop the onset of tooth decay and gum disease reaps benefits now just now but in the future. This is even more true for your child. At Healthy Smiles, preventive care is one of our highest priorities and we work tirelessly to keep your entire family in an optimal state of oral wellness.

Our Union dental office should be the site of your visits every six months. Teeth cleanings have two positive effects that cannot be overvalued: first, they remove tartar buildup that contributes to the formation of cavities and the irritation, inflammation, and infection of your gum tissue. Second, teeth cleanings halt the progression of gum disease at an early stage and reverse its effects. And while it is not possible to guarantee that you’ll never get a cavity, if you do then our Union dental office can fill it in a timely manner. The more quickly a cavity is treated, the less chance there is that you will suffer a toothache, infection, or tooth loss because of it. As additional and valuable preventive measures for your child, you may want to consider dental sealants. These are liquid plastics that are painted onto the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth. The plastics are then hardened, forming a barrier between those hard to reach areas and the bacteria that make cavities occur. Fluoride treatments also do a stellar job by strengthening his or her enamel against tooth decay. Of course, you and your child should engage in daily oral hygiene in the form of teeth brushing after meals, first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. Floss vigorously at bedtime, too.

It is the goal of our Union dental office to keep your family from suffering the consequences of cavities and gum disease to the greatest extent possible. Reach out to us to arrange an appointment.

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